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  1. What is Sour Beer and how is it made Sour?

    What is Sour Beer and how is it made Sour?

    Unbelievably, sour beer is for the most part still the same as the beers you’re drinking on a day to day basis. The beer starts the same way, using the four main key ingredients that are used to make regular Lagers and Ales which are water, hops, malt, and yeast. The difference comes in the flavour profile which, as the name suggests is sour. This is achieved by a slightly alternative form of fermentation due to the adding of souring bacteria, namely Lactobacillus or Pediococcus, both of which are lactic acid producing bacteria. The pH level drops through the fermentation which is what causes the taste perception to be triggered and recognised as “sour”.

    Basic styles of Sour Beer.

    Over the centuries that soured beers have been produced a large variety have been developed. Most popular today are Lambic and Gueuze, traditionally produced in Belgium and the Flanders Red and Brown Ales which are also produced traditionally in Belgium. Moving

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