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  1. Keg King PET Pressure Fermenter FAQ

    Pressure Fermenting

    I am new to pressure fermenting, what is the recommended pressure for fermenting?

    Pressure fermentation allows for the suppression of some yeast ester formations. This means that the esters that would have been produced at higher temperatures can be supressed so temperatures can be raised to speed the fermentation process. We feel that the sweet spot for LAGER (spelled LARGER on most homebrew forums) fermentation is somewhere around 15psi or 1bar of pressure to help the beer remain crisp and help suppress the two no no’s in crisp lager which are banana and clove esters!

    Higher pressures can be damaging to the yeast’s cell walls.

    Ale fermentation, in general, seeks to nurture ester production so by keeping the pressure low, around 8 to 10psi, you’ll have virtually no detectable difference in flavour unless you’ve got a palate as sensitive as a gas spectrometer. 

    Is it easy to get into brewing and pressure fermenting?

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  2. Keg King Apollo Apollo 30L and 60L FAQ

    What is Apollo?


    Apollo is the highest evolution of the PET Pressure Fermenters and unitanks available in the world. Our PET tanks are the strongest in the world thanks to our patented Australian Made manufacturing process that ensures every single tank is individually pressure tested before sale. The handles on all Apollo tanks are strong enough to lift with even when the tanks are full of liquid and the stainless steel frames make it simple to orient your tank wherever you require. 

    With our unique design and built in ergonomic handles, Apollo is stronger and easy to carry around.

    What is the thermowell for?

    The Termowell is a hollow, food grade stainless steel tube, that is closed at the bottom and in which you can insert the temperatur probe of your temperatur controller. Controlling your fermentation

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  3. Brew, Sample, Share, Repeat: Brewing Demos at Keg King

    Brew, Sample, Share, Repeat: Brewing Demos at Keg King

    Our staff can be considered keg kings in their own right, enjoying a passion for making great beer, whilst also sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. We love to showcase their brewing talents to you with our regular fortnightly brewing demos. Keg King brewing demos provide brewers with firsthand equipment and ingredient samples. Our staff brewers are happy to answer any questions relating to beer, brewing procedures and brewery processes.

    Brewing Demos are announced via our website and our social media channels. Our brewers select a style and develop a recipe that they are interested in brewing, but we are always happy to receive requests for what we should brew next. 

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  4. Help, my tap’s pouring foam!

    Help, my tap’s pouring foam!

    One of the more common questions we get is why is my kegerator pouring mostly foam? Although it's a common issue it's not usually an hard one to fix. Follow these steps to understand why beer foams up and how to stop it.

    With a kegerator system you will usually get a little bit of foam with the first pour as the tap cools down. A font fan will help to reduce this, they can be purchased separately but do come standard in all our Keg Master kegerators. Commercial pubs use glycol chilled fonts to keep the taps icy cold and are usually pouring beers more frequently than on a home kegerator. If you are consistently getting foam this may be caused by a variety of issues.

    Pouring Technique

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