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  1. Unlocking Convenience and Flavor with the Kegmaster Mini: Your Ultimate Brewing and Drinking Companion

    Unlocking Convenience and Flavor with the Kegmaster Mini: Your Ultimate Brewing  and Drinking Companion


    Crafting your own beer is a delightful journey that blends science, artistry, and patience. In the world of homebrewing, the Kegmaster Mini stands as a game-changer, offering a myriad of advantages that elevate your brewing experience to new heights. This compact and versatile device empowers homebrewers with control, convenience, and quality like never before.

    1. Compact Design, Mighty Features: The Kegmaster Mini's design is both functional and space-saving, making it a seamless addition to your brewing setup. Its compact form factor belies its powerful capabilities. This device can cool and heat wort in fermenters and kegs, a dual-purpose functionality that streamlines your brewing process. When the fermentation is done it also serves as your bench top kegerator either at home, in your motorhome or at a campsite.
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  2. Keg King: Pioneering the Kegmaster Kegerator in Australia

    Keg King: Pioneering the Kegmaster Kegerator in Australia

    Keg King: Pioneering the Kegmaster Kegerator in Australia

    Introduction: At Keg King, we take immense pride in our role as pioneers in the homebrewing industry. We are thrilled to share the story behind our ownership of the esteemed Kegmaster brand, specifically our introduction of the Kegmaster Kegerator to the Australian market in 2010. As the first company to design, produce overseas, and import the Kegmaster Kegerator, we have played a significant role in revolutionizing the way Australians enjoy draft beer in the comfort of their homes. Join us as we delve into the journey that led us to this groundbreaking achievement.


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  3. The KegMaster™ Solstice range of Kegerators

    Designed by Australian engineers for Australian conditions and Australian needs, the Soltice Kegerator is absolutely unique in its features and has environmental benefits which make it the Kegerator to own. With anywhere from one to six taps it will delight its users for years to come.


    The Solstice program was commenced in 2021 and the first prototype began its tests here in Springvale which proved the concepts that had been pioneered with this design. A year later in the middle of 2022 the first container of Solstice fridges arrived in Australia, and it has been a resounding success with those who managed to get one already.


    It’s worth to go through the unique features which make it so desirable and environmentally friendly no brainer. This fridge will never die and end up in

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    Reasons You Need A Kegearator At Home

    (They're not just for homebrewers) Part 1

    You may have considered buying one... Or possibly never heard of a Kegerator... Either way a Kegerator just makes sense for anyone that likes beverages at home for multiple reasons...



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    Kegerator Home Bar Keg Fridge Beers  Schooners on tap at home


    (They're not just for homebrew) Part 2

    About Keg King:
    Keg King is the leading Beer Equipment Specialist in Australia, having introduced the first KegMasters Kegerators back in 2008, Keg King is the designer of the ORIGINAL KegMaster Kegerator and the biggest manifacturer and importer. Our fridges are sold under many different brands over the world so don't be mistaken and buy from the original manufacturer.

    All designed and engineered in Australia, backed with excellent customer service, there's a range of Kegerators

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