Brew, Sample, Share, Repeat: Brewing Demos at Keg King

Brew, Sample, Share, Repeat: Brewing Demos at Keg King

Our staff can be considered keg kings in their own right, enjoying a passion for making great beer, whilst also sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. We love to showcase their brewing talents to you with our regular fortnightly brewing demos. Keg King brewing demos provide brewers with firsthand equipment and ingredient samples. Our staff brewers are happy to answer any questions relating to beer, brewing procedures and brewery processes.

Brewing Demos are announced via our website and our social media channels. Our brewers select a style and develop a recipe that they are interested in brewing, but we are always happy to receive requests for what we should brew next. 

We start with a recipe and we'll even demonstrate the grain selection, milling and other key components of the brewing session. 

Best of all, every beer we create at our brewing demos is made available for our customers to sample from our in-store tap systems. 


Darren's American Pale Ale #44

Beer Style: APA 18B

Batch size: 21 litres

Grain Bill

Base Malt

Voyager Pale Compass

Voyager Winter Wheat

Voyager Munich


Voyager Biscuit


Boil Additions




Dry Hopping

Amarillo                                                28g

Cascade                                                 28g



Other Addtions (MASH WATER)

Table Salt                                           3.8g

Gypsum                                              16.4g


Mash at 66°C for 60 minutes. Sparge until preboil volume is set. Strong boil for 60 minutes. Ferment at 18°C til 60%. Raise to 22, decrease 2C per day to cold crash.

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