Keg King Cup 2024

The Keg King Cup is BACK! 

2024 marks the second year of one of THE BEST brewing competitions in Australia.


Year two is going to be even better with more prizes to the winner!

We have more sponsors including our friends at Hop Products Australia and Voyager Malt plus we have the NEW highly coveted golden PET trophy cup itself!


This year the target style is simple: 

Brewers need to enter the beer that best represents Australian Winter for them.

What does that mean?

That’s entirely up to you! 


What do you love to brew and drink in winter where you live? 


Maybe your Australian Winter Brew has something to do with the availability of seasonal ingredients, maybe it has something to do with colder weather, or just maybe it’s what you like to brew year round. 


Brew any style, any recipe but the only real requirement is you make it yourself and tell us why this is the right beer for winter where you live.


Please, PLEASE make the ABV 8.5% or lower, because at the end of the judging rounds, our staff need to drive home.


Click the link for the entry form, download it, fill it out and affix to your entry bottles. 


Entrants must provide x2 500ml Bottles to be in the comp.




Entries must be received at the Keg King shop 48 Smith Road, Springvale VIC 3171 no later than Friday 2 August 2024


Good luck and BREW ON!