Can liquid yeast be shipped in the mail?
Absolutely! We will take great care of the packaging and ensure the yeast stays in as good condition as possible.

How should I best use liquid yeast in my brewing process?

Using liquid yeast in brewing can enhance the flavor and character of your beer. Here are some tips for optimal usage:

  • Properly store the liquid yeast in the refrigerator before use.
  • Plan ahead and prepare a yeast starter to ensure a healthy yeast population and a strong fermentation.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the yeast manufacturer for rehydration or direct pitching into your wort.
  • Maintain a suitable fermentation temperature to promote yeast activity and flavor development.
  • Consider using a yeast nutrient or energizer to support yeast health and fermentation performance.

What are the recommended Keg King products for using liquid yeast?

Keg King offers a range of products that complement the usage of liquid yeast. Here are some recommendations:

  • Keg King Fermenters: Choose from their selection of high-quality fermenters, such as the Apollo pressure fermenter, which provides precise temperature control and airtight sealing for optimal yeast performance.
  • Keg King UltraFill Bottle Filler: This handy tool allows you to bottle fill directly from a pressurizsed keg, minimizing exposure to oxygen and preserving the integrity of your yeast-driven flavors.
  • Keg King Temp Controller: Maintain precise fermentation temperatures with this temperature control device, ensuring optimal yeast activity and flavor development throughout the fermentation process.
  • Keg King CO2 Regulator: Proper carbonation is essential for your finished beer. Use a reliable CO2 regulator from Keg King to ensure accurate carbonation levels during kegging.

Can I reuse liquid yeast from a previous batch?
Reusing liquid yeast is possible, but it requires careful handling and consideration. Proper yeast management includes ensuring the yeast is healthy, free from contamination, and appropriate for the beer style you plan to brew. Consider using yeast washing or yeast propagation techniques to maintain yeast vitality and avoid off-flavors or potential infections.

How long can I store liquid yeast?
Liquid yeast typically has a shelf life of several months when properly stored in the refrigerator. However, it's always best to check the yeast manufacturer's recommendations for specific storage and expiration guidelines.

Are there any special considerations when using liquid yeast for certain beer styles?
Yes, different yeast strains are known for their unique characteristics and suitability for specific beer styles. Research the yeast strain you plan to use and consider its optimal fermentation temperature, attenuation, flocculation, and flavor profile to ensure the best results for your desired beer style.

How reliable is Bluestone Yeast and where is it from?
Bluestone Yeast is a reputable yeast supplier known for its reliable and high-quality yeast strains. Located in Mulgrave, Melbourne, they have assisted many Craft Breweries in winning Gold Medals for several beers over a wide variety of styles. To ensure the best results, it's always recommended to follow the supplier's instructions for yeast handling, rehydration, pitching rates, and fermentation conditions. By doing so, you can maximize the reliability and performance of the yeast and achieve the desired flavor and aroma characteristics in your brewed beverages. Lab-fresh liquid yeast. Unlike offshore yeast providers Bluestone Yeast can be shipped quickly to ensure the yeast reaches your brewing setup in peak condition. We know our brewers want the best and freshest ingredients, and we’re committed to delivering them. Bluestone Yeast is packed fresh in the Melbourne lab so it can reliably deliver the flavour and results brewers demand.