Designed by Australian engineers for Australian conditions and Australian needs, the Soltice Kegerator is absolutely unique in its features and has environmental benefits which make it the Kegerator to own. With anywhere from one to six taps it will delight its users for years to come.


The Solstice program was commenced in 2021 and the first prototype began its tests here in Springvale which proved the concepts that had been pioneered with this design. A year later in the middle of 2022 the first container of Solstice fridges arrived in Australia, and it has been a resounding success with those who managed to get one already.


It’s worth to go through the unique features which make it so desirable and environmentally friendly no brainer. This fridge will never die and end up in landfill. When all else fails this can keep working from solar or vehicular power and if it should malfunction a quick cassette change will give it a new life. Its not going in the ground. Australian ingenuity makes sure the beer can keep flowing cold.


It is made from 304SS and that stainless top looks brilliant especially with a Keg King T bar font on top. It can have up to 6 of the 19 litre Cornelius kegs and so up to 6 taps on top.


  1. Rather than dissipating heat through the side walls like domestic fridges and the series 4 it has fan cooled evaporator and condenser. This allows it to operate successfully at higher temperatures and during stress testing kept its cool up to 45 C ambient external.
  2. Solstice 12v Power SupplyIt operates from 12 volts directly so is suitable for use with solar installations, vending vans, motorhomes and more. Its efficiency means it can run from a 100 Ah battery for 1-3 days depending on external temp and internal loading. Running from 12 volts also makes it safe to use in places where water can be splashed around such as near pools, spas etc. Of course it comes with an Australian Approved power pack so you can also just plug it into a mains outlet. The integral Defrost heating can also be turned to using it for warming the interior if the unit needs to work as a fermentation fridge.
  3. Solstice CassetteAll the workings are contained in a 14 Kg cassette at the rear right which is held in place by 6 screws. Should there ever be a problem the cassette can replaced in a couple of minutes by an unskilled person. It also means that in a country as large as Australia it is now possible to send a replacement cassette in case the customer has a problem. Rather than the costly transportation of a large metal box which often meant the units were discarded and replaced its now possible to keep such fridges going virtually forever. This has the very important environmental aspect also. Normally when a fridge is not worth repairing it ends up in landfill where it leaks nasty things into the ground. The box itself is usually still very serviceable but ends up getting buried. It’s a terrible waste and environmentally undesirable. With the Solstice one just replaces the cassette and the fridge can live “forever’ effectively. The cassettes are designed to be easily serviced and the changeover charge makes this a very attractive feature.

So the Solstice truly deserves to be called a " KEGMASTER™ " and takes its place in our unique range of beverage refrigerators.