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Why Made in Australia Matters


Everyone remembers not so long ago when one of the longest standing industries of the Nation decided to close its doors and move their car manufacturing facilities overseas. Tough times for families, tough times for communities, tough times for the economy and even tougher times for the end consumer facing higher buy prices.



One of the side effects of the global pandemic, still ongoing, has been the additional strain put on international shipping including container shortage, crew shortage on boat, longer unloading times in Aussie ports, fewer truck drivers and so on and so forth.



With people not having been able to go out that much in the last 2 years, everyone started turning to online shopping. With fewer manufacturers of goods in Australia, that translated into a greater need for international shipping. The main downside of large container ships is the major impact on the environment:
“Shipping has an environmental impact both in ports, as well as in the immediate vicinity of the ports. Examples of these impacts are noise from ship engines and machinery used for loading and unloading, exhausts of particles, CO2, NOx and SO2 from the ship’s main and auxiliary engines, and dust from the handling of substances such as grain, sand and coal”.
As a company, when you choose to import containers of goods, you better make sure the container is packed to the rafters and that you are not importing large, very light, empty products which is essentially importing empty foreign air.



Now let’s look at the benefits of supporting local businesses.


1.       It’s good for the economy

Everyone knows this by now but it’s always good to reiterate how positive on the economy buying local is. Experts agrees, studies agree, it’s harder to find counter arguments than finding positive ones. Let’s look at the Minister of Industry has to say about this:

“Every time you buy an Australian Made-branded product you’re not just helping that business, but all the others right across the supply chain – and of course the local workers they employ”.

It’s always very relevant to stress out that buying Made in Australia means that the company employs more local workers who will inject their wages back into the local economy. Instead of a small number of upper managers making all the profit and sharing it with their partners overseas, when you buy Made in Australia, you help an Australian family put food on the table. Made in Australia matters.


2.       Quality control

When you have Australian engineers working full time to deliver products based on strict product specifications following Australian standards of regulation and quality, you can be assured that you are getting a product built to last.



Keg King Manufacturing all PET fermenters and PET kegs in Australia since 2017.


3.       Environmental Cost of import

As pointed out earlier in this article, products manufactured here in Australia require less shipping overall which helps minimise the impact on Australians waters. It might not be much, and admittedly we do import containers regularly for parts because there are no local options, but every bit helps in the end.



At Keg King we produce all our PET Fermenters in Melbourne to Australian standards, for the world to enjoy safely.