We sell thousands of kegerators every year, and the most common question we get asked from people who don’t brew is "Where do I get the beer?”.

So we’ve developed the King Keg, an affordable, safe, PET keg, that allows breweries to sell direct to their customers.


Now, we have our liquor licence, we are selling cold beer in the King Kegs that allow you to have the true draught-beer experience at home, without having to brew your own beer.


20L keg of 2 Brothers Draught $155

10L keg of 2 Brothers Kung Foo Lager $99


No additional cost, no swapping... just poooooouring!

Available only at Keg King

Currently, you can grab a cold keg of 2 Brothers "Kung Foo Rice Lager” or "Draught Lager”. The 10L size is a little over one slab of beer, and the 20L is over two. It works out at less than $2.50 per pot for the 20L of Draught!


Once the kegs are empty, you can replace the D or A type spear with a ball lock lid, so you can re-use the keg for soda water, your own brew, mixed drinks etc. Once you're done with it the PET is recyclable, the same as any soft drink bottle.

We’ll be expanding our range soon to support local independent brewers and make it easy for you to pour quality beer in your Keg King gear!


Get into our store at 48 Smith Rd, Springvale, Vic to grab one now.


If you'd like to have your breweries beer stocked at Keg King, get in touch!