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About Kegmaster

Kegmaster – the name already says it about how our business makes products and systems to give our customers a great experience with Beverages that are best served from a draught tap.


Drinks from cans and bottles always suffer from the shortcomings associated with getting liquid into them and we all know how much better the experience a cold, live tap provides. Kegmaster from the Keg King stable has been providing all the necessary gear to successfully get the best tasting product into a glass either in the home or in commercial environments for some years now.


We can do this because we design and build nearly all the components ourselves from the tap back to the keg. Customers place their trust in Kegmaster products because they deliver what is needed.


Bring a Kegmaster to your place and watch the smiles and cheerfulness.


Kegmasters are available from many resellers around Australia and directly from Keg King in Melbourne. Always ask to make sure it’s a genuine Kegmaster so you can have peace of mind.



Let the experts do the work.



Whether you're a brewer or someone wanting to put drinks on tap at home, in a cafe or at the office,  Keg King offers beverage creation and keg dispense solutions for amateurs and pros. We don't just sell products, we innovate, design and manufacture our equipment to bring your beverage ambitions to life!


Our brands include: Australian Made P.E.T. King Kegs, Apollo P.E.T. Pressure Fermenters & Unitanks, Keg Master Kegerators Keg Beer Fridges, Atomic 15 Brewery Cleaners & Sanitiser, Ultratap Twist FC Faucets, Spundy, Solstice Fridge and more.


Check the resellers map on our website to find where our products are available in North America, UK, EU, Aus, NZ and South Africa. Since 2009, 0ur mission is to make the best brewing & dispensing equipment in the world. Give us a call or visit one of the many retail outlets that stock our gear.

At Keg King Australia, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service and always work to ensure that customer satisfaction is priority one. All of the equipment we sell is backed by our warranty policy.

For us, the bottom line is simple. We love good beer and strive to support the craft and home brewing communities with education, sponsorship and unique products to make your brew day easier and your beers even tastier. You can contact us, in person at our retail shop in Springvale VIC or you can get in touch by phone or our Facebook page.


Office / Cold Room / Warehouse
48 Smith Road, Springvale VIC 3171 AU


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