King Keg 20L PET Corny Ball Lock Keg

20 litre PET King Kegs with ball lock posts for liquid and gas are suitable for beer and wine. The ball lock connections are widely used by the home brewing community and so it is easy for users to fill and dispense from. They can be chemically sanitised and reused multiple times. They can also be reconfigured with a change of lid into a 20 litre pressure fermenting vessel. Each one is pressure tested to 5 bar. King Kegs are manufactured in Australia by Keg King in Melbourne.
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Ball Lock

King Keg - 20L P.E.T. Keg With Ball Lock Posts

If you love Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs, but hate paying Cornelius prices, check out the 20L Ball Lock King Keg!

20L Ball Lock King Kegs are slightly wider (2.6cm) than a standard Cornelius variety keg and hold 20 litres instead of just 19.

The integrated handles, make carrying easy and Ball Lock King Kegs work exactly like corny kegs with ball lock disconnects. 

Brewers enjoy the convenience of King Keg's light protected tank, rigid internal liquid dip tube and easy to carry integrated handles.


After 2 years of service, you can either hydrostatic test the tank or get a brand new Replacement Tank for just $15 retail. 


Convenient, affordable, simple to use. Get a 20L King Keg and increase the volume of your ball lock brewery's equipment. 


Product Highlights

Australian Made and individually tested, our King Kegs are the packaging solution that puts safety, reliability and affordabilty back into the keg market.

Our unique, patented manufacturing process produces a 20 litre vessel with integrated handles for easy transport.

The King Keg's unique P.E.T. material will keep beverages light safe while the keg's active oxygen scavenger keeps beverages fresh for up to 18 months.

The Ball Lock variety King Keg comes complete with a rigid dip tube that will need to be installed by the user when assembling the lid and post components.

The design of the Ball Lock variety King Keg differs slightly from the A and D type varieties and is not stackable.

The Ball Lock variety has a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) located on the lid assembly, not in the neck of the keg.


King Keg Ball Lock 20L P.E.T. Kegs Specifications:

Weight = 1kg

Material = P.E.T.

Pressure Tested = 5bar

Max Working Pressure = 4bar (58psi)


Height = 575mm

Width = 237mm

Volume = 20L


Every King Keg is individually pressure tested at our manufacturing facility in Springvale, Victoria AU. 


Misuse or mishandling of PET pressure products can result in damage and injury to persons and property. . 

To ensure the safety of your PET pressure vessel, please not the following:
Keep PET pressure vessels out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will degrade the PET material.
DO NOT expose to temperatures exceeding 35C.
DO NOT apply external pressure or fermentation pressure to the tank above 2.5Bar (35psi)

Be Advised:

To ensure your pressure vessel is fully operational, perform a water pressure check to inspect all connections are sealed properly every time.

It is recommended to fill the vessel with water then bring the pressure to 15psi and remove the pressure source to inspect for leaks. 


Polyethylene terephthalate, also called PET, is the name of a type of clear, strong, lightweight and 100% recyclable plastic.

PET is a byproduct ("waste product"), derived from crude oil and natural gas during petrol processing when refining oil into petrol for cars. Unlike minerals such as steel or glass, it is not purposely dug for into the ground via giant mines that are ecologically damaging the environment, including the use of massive amount of chemicals to make refining raw steel into usable steel.

PET is a very energy efficient packaging material in comparison to glass, aluminum and other materials used for similar containers.

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