CO2 Gas Cylinders 2.6kg (full)


CO2 Gas Cylinders 2.6kg (full) - Better Quality Better Price!

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Better Quality Better Price!

This 2.6kg cylinder is our most popular CO2 cylinder. It's small enough to take with you camping or to a party, put inside a kegerator or hang in the cylinder bracket included with our Keg Masters but large enough to dispense many kegs. Purchasing your own CO2 cylinder is generally cheaper than renting from a gas supplier for periods longer than 12 months.

- Australian Standard Approved
- Hold 2.6kg of gas when full
Dimensions 47cm high x 14cm diameter
- Comes with included carry handle for easy of transport and protection of valve
- Will fit in Keg Master Series 2 and Series 3 Kegerators without reducing the number of kegs it can hold

Typically you will use about 6g per litre of CO2 for carbonating and/or 6g per liter to dispense from a kegerator. If you are brewing and carbonating your own beer, without accounting for any wastage you should be able to carbonate and dispense about 200L or over 10 x 19L kegs. If you are purchasing commercial beer which is already carbonated you should be able to dispense about 400L or 8 x 50L kegs.

Once the cylinder is empty there are many places around Australia where it can be filled or exchanged for a full one. Click the "Stockists" link up the top of the page (or at the bottom of the side menu for mobile) to see a map of these locations. This will usually cost about $25 - $35 for this 2.6kg cylinder.

To prevent prematurely emptying your cylinder it is highly recommended to thoroughly check for leaks and preform a pressure check. Check out the video below to see how to do this.

These cylinders should never be operated inverted. The valve must always be upright. 

Please note: This item cannot be sent with Australia Post, do not select express shipping or supply a PO Box/parcel locker for delivery.

View Safety Data Sheet here.

View Australian WorkSafe Approval here.

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