Gas Master Compact CO2 Regulator


The gasmaster mini co2 regulator is a small device that lets you adjust the pressure of your kegged homebrew using 16g CO2 cartridges. It has a safety valve, a 7mm barb, and is easy to use and carry for dispensing your beer on the go or at parties.

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The gasmaster mini co2 regulator is a compact and reliable device that allows you to control the pressure of your homebrew kegging system. It is compatible with standard threaded 16g  CO2 cartridges, as well as sodastream or type 30 gas bottles with optional adapters.

It features a saftey over pressure valve and a 7mm barb for attaching the gas line. Comes pre-set to approximately 8-10psi, ideal for most dispensing situations.

The gasmaster mini co2 regulator is ideal for dispensing your beer on the go or at parties, without the hassle of carrying a large gas cylinder. It is easy to use and maintain, and can be adjusted using an allen key if required. The gasmaster mini co2 regulator is a must-have accessory for any homebrewer who wants to enjoy their kegged beer anytime, anywhere.


Optional: Add a Tee Piece and Gauge to view pressure 


*16g CO2 Bulb (pictured) not included


Improved Pressure Control: Two-Stage Regulator provide more precise and stable pressure regulation compared to single-stage valves. They reduce high-pressure fluid in two steps, more stable and reliable flow of CO2.

Reduced Pressure Fluctuations: Due to the two-stage reduction process, double-stage pressure reducing valves typically minimize pressure fluctuations, also helps to prevent “end-of-tank dumps,” in which a nearly empty CO2 cylinder may dump out the rest of its gas in one go.

The delivery pressure is more consistent over the life of the cylinder. This is because as cylinder pressure drops, a Single Stage Regulator will gradually deliver a higher and higher gas pressure. This will necessitate regular adjustment to maintain delivery pressure.

A Multi Stage Regulator offers much more consistent output pressure because the depleting cylinder pressure has little effect on the adjustable second stage.


Two-Stage Reduction: The primary feature is the presence of two pressure reduction stages. High-pressure fluid is first reduced to an intermediate pressure and then further reduced to the final working pressure.

Strong Pressure Differential Capability: Two-stage pressure reducing valves can handle significant pressure differentials, making them suitable for applications with large pressure drops.

Stability and Precision: Their two-stage design allows for high-precision pressure regulation, making them ideal for applications requiring tight pressure control.

Reduced Noise and Vibration: The gradual reduction process often leads to less noise and vibration, contributing to a quieter and more stable working environment.

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