King Keg 20L PET Keg With A-Type Spear Pallet of 60 Units



King Keg - A-Type Spear

For Industry/Wholesale customers these are sold 60per pallet at $19.90ea+GST each.

Australian Made and tested, our King Kegs are the packaging solution that puts safety, reliability and affordabilty back into the keg market. 

Each King Keg is a 'rapid' keg that is sanitised and ready to fill on arrival. 

Every King Keg contains our tested Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) integrated in the neck of the keg body that remains functional when coupled. This is a major step forward in safety for rapid kegs.

Our unique, patented manufacturing process produces a 20 litre vessel with integrated handles for easy transport. The unique material of our kegs will keep beverages light safe while the keg's active oxygen scavenger keeps beverages fresh for up to 18 months.

King Keg is:

  • Lighter to transport
  • Stackable 
  • Available with A-Type or D-Type Spears
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to recycle
King Keg also:
  • Removes the need for costly return trips
  • Fits all dispensing systems without the need for extra coupling equipment
  • Opens up new sales and export markets for beverage producers

Every King Keg is individually pressure tested at our manufacturing facility in Springvale, Victoria AU. 

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