Micro Matic Premium Plus Gas Regulator


Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator pressure reducer.


  • Stable CO2 pressure from full to empty cylinder
  • Double inlet filter (100 microns/100 microns)
  • Venting function – easy adjustment
  • High performance
  • Accurate pressure control
  • Maintenance free (optional serviceable)
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Stainless steel valve seat
  • Zn/Ni plated brass housings
  • Individually numbered for traceability
  • Adjustment screw protected by tamper evident cap
  • Allen key adjustment (key included)
  • High capacity CO2 flow 180 L/min peak 100 L/min continuous
  • Type 30 inlet to suit Australian Standard CO2 cylindres

NOTE: Comes with stainless barb (approx 7.5mm), not push in fitting as pictured. For thos who might struggle with 4mm line, 6.3mm line as a gas line is the best option.

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