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UltraFill - Counter Pressure Tap Mounting Bottle Filler

What makes Ultrafill the best Counter Pressure Filler in the world?

It's simple. 

Ultrafill is all stainless steel, offering simple counterpressure bottle filling direct from your tap system or keg without the need to purchase extra parts for attaching the gas system disconnect. 

Unlike other tap mounting fillers that use push-in adaptors to attach the filler to the tap, Ultrafill screws directly into place within the Ultratap faucet's nozzel threading, providing for a better, less restrictive flow from the tap through to the filler unit.

Ultrafill's unique gas triggering system provides users with a very solid stainless steel on/off switch for purging and bringing up the pressure inside the bottle. Other tap filling systems utilise inaccurate spring loaded buttons that leak and leave the user guessing what the internal pressure is in the bottle.

Each Ultrafill has a pressure relief valve with markings in PSI increments so users only need to set the pressure once to achieve the right fill speed and internal pressure to minimise foaming and keep the job of filling bottles more efficient.

The telescopic filler tube allows users to select whatever size bottle they require up to 750ml. 

New Ultrafill Accessories now make Ultrafill the most reliable, affordable and flexible counter pressure filling option out there because Ultrafill will work with Intertaps or even without a tap direct from your keg or fermeter!

Ultrafill UltraTap Extension Tube Kit

Ultrafill Intertap Connection Kit

Ultrafill Beer Valve Keg Connector

Whether you need to fill a couple of bottles to take on the go, fill growlers or mini kegs under pressure, enter competitions with your kegged beer or simply capture a couple of bottles off your draught system, Ultrafill is the right piece of equipment to get it done perfectly everytime!



All 304 Stainless Steel Body

Silicone bung


Box Dimensions

21.5cm x 14.5cm x 5cm


Filler Dimension

Length = 155mm

Length Extended = 385mm

Width = 100mm

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